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Content Sindication

What is it and what is it for?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an automated news sending system that will let you know at once all the news published in BARTON FILMS. The needed technology consists of a RSS feed reading program or aggregator.

What does BARTON FILM offer?

Thanks to the BARTON FILMS RSS feeds, you will be able to choose the section or sections that interest you most and receive the news in real-time (as soon as they are published) or even include them in you personal website:

The feed reader will automatically connect to BARTON FILMS, without executing any Internet browser, find the news and show you a list with the links and their titles.

You can click on any title that may interest you and access to BARTON FILMS with you Internet browser in order to read the extended information.

How do I sign up?

The first step is choosing a RSS feed reader that adapts to your needs. There are a lot out there and most of them are freeware and easy to install. Here are some of them:

Some browsers such us Firefox and Opera do also manage RSS feeds (named Live Bookmarks in Firefox and Feeds in Opera). .

There are also some online services such us (RSS feeds in Basque), Bloglines y MyYahoo , in which you can read the titles in your browser instead of having to install any program in your computer. To do so, just sign up for a free account in the websites that offer this kind of service.

RSS in your website

If you would like to update your personal website with the BARTON FILMS news, you will be able to do it as long as you accept the requirements of our legal advise and the format we provide: Title and direct link to BARTON FILMS home page.

Moreover, this use must always be clearly credited as “BARTON FILMS’ information”.

BARTON FILMS reserves the right to prevent the distribution of its informative content in the legal advise and will no accept any legal responsibility for the improper use of its RSS feeds. Please, consult our legal advise for further information about this subject.

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